{day in the life :: february} appleton wi photographer

my day in the life project….:)

every month i will pick a day and take a picture an hour.   this is february 1st.

used :: iphone + instagram

6am :: sleeping kids.

7am :: wake up lydia (she was not happy i opened her curtains…ha) time for school.

8am :: dropped off sister. and joey asked for blueberry donuts. i said…why yes…that sounds splendid.

side note :: it took me 5 full minutes to get my window to roll down – it was frozen shut and quite a close call.

 going inside seemed like too much work.

9am :: playing with his baby sister.

10am :: someone had a well…a blow out. and is now happy. needless to say that onesie is in the garbage.

11am :: stripes and polka dots kind of day at school. heading home.

12pm :: visiting momere and papa. having some treats and doing some snuggling.

1pm :: a little thing called work…must stay focused.

2pm :: her favorite place to sleep – we stayed in this spot for awhile.

3pm :: the after nap tv trance.

4pm :: back to cuddling. new position.

5pm :: dance party…perhaps lydia will one day be a break dancer with those moves?

6pm :: dinner time!  caramelized onions for our turkey burgers.  yummm.

7pm :: my view. she is with me alot…can you tell?

8pm :: last minute snuggles.

9pm :: to do list time.

10pm :: ahhh. bed. MUST read before bed every.single.night.

current books something lydia accidentally bought.  its soooo long and not very good but once i start something i have to finish it.

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