poor, sad, neglected blog.

my poor, sad, neglected blog.  at one point i was behind only about 10 sessions and then 20 and now i have a folder on my computer so big of “to be blogged” sessions – i open it and close it right away!  probably not the most productive way of actually blogging them.  i will work on that. 🙂

over the colddd winter – i will be updating BUT for now to see all my current goodness….head on over to my facebook page .  i update that more WAY more often with current news and updates and awesome things happening.

Scheduling update for those who come here wanting to know :: I am full for all the 2 weeks left of 2013.  I am currently scheduling NEWBORNS and BABIES for 2014 winter/spring and families already for fall and summer.  And of course newborns as soon as you know…..as in email me after you tell your husband….hehe.

See you all in 2014!!